Mahuli Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. is purely a rural financial institution reaching more than 82000 women’s and enterprise people covering 34 District and about to reach at all district with recent upgradation as a national level “D” class financial institution by central bank of Nepal. MCDC took start serving people this region before 25 years and it has gained rural people confidence with easiest access to finance. Now this financial institution integrates all plans and program to look forward more progressive achievement. Digital transformation at rural village is more important now for securing all financial program so, Mahuli is always dedicated to provide best of its kind to connect people with enterprise via technology and innovative financial product. Nepal is now so close to uplift at middle level income groups therefore we are always adapting all rural changes to compete with contingent competitive environment. Mahuli is the sign of hope and courage for many and it will stand at front to fight with rural poverty and economic development. This institution now bringing more product suited with enterprise activities at rural and integrate all groups, social classes, diversified people and community. My team is more dedicated and well enough to bring changes at all outreach areas. I am much thankful with Board of Director, stakeholder, clients, management team, branch coordination team and an entire family for their support and dedication towards an attainment of greater achievement of this institution.

Thanks to all.


Gangadhar Pandey

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Foreign Exchange Rate
Currency Buy Sell
Australian 78.37 78.79
Bahrain Dinar 294.33 295.93
Canadian Dollar 83.08 83.53
Chinese Yuan 16.54 16.63
Danish Kroner 16.80 16.89
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