Daily Saving Account

Many members have different types of shops or enterprises and they earn a lot but they are not able to save it, they spend it to fulfill their basic requirement. For them MSLBSL brought a idea to save those amount through daily saving and when the loan period complete they can get a huge amount and through it they can utilize that amount in any specific reasons. In such case we provide 5% interest on the deposited amount.

Child Saving

Child saving means an amount which is saved by their parents, our Members for their bright future. To take benefits of this services child must be minor and when they reach to 16 yrs members can withdraw that amount once with the 8% of interest in it. A fixed amount can be saved and cannot able to withdraw until a child reach to 16 yrs old.

Pension Saving

This is a voluntary savings product which needs to continue deposit at the fixed rate of amount for long term. Generally this savings can be used for children’s higher education, marriage and old age If Members continues her deposit for 15 years, and she is eligible to receive 13% percent additional money on her deposited amount annually. If the Members continue her deposit for 10 years, she can get 10% additional money on her deposited amount annually. In exceptional case, if Members will not able to continue up to her committed time period, in such case we provides 5% to 7% interest on the deposited amount.

Center Development Fund

This is a mandatory savings when Members involved in a center. When somebody absent in the due date meeting or break any rules which is made by members themselves then a certain amount is decided for that as a fine and that fine amount is stored in CDF. This fund if required when members want to purchase a Dress or to build a center house or do any community/social activities then they can withdraw it by group authority. A separate passbook is maintained for Center Development Fund. If somebody dropout from center then they cannot claim for this fund.Interest Rate for this saving should be 8% on the deposit amount.

Client Reserve Saving

Members get 7% interest every 3/3 Months on the balance amount.

Personal Saving

Personal Savings is a voluntary savings. Members get 6% interest every 3/3 Months on the balance amount. Members can withdraw amount if they required.

Group Saving

This is mandatory saving where Members need to deposit specified amount in each center meeting. Member can save voluntary amount whatever group decided it can be increase according to group decision but cannot decrease.This product aims to establish a saving habit to clients and form capital after long period of time. MSLBSL provides 7% interest every 3/3 Months on the balance amount. The deposited amount can be withdrawn only on leaving from the membership.

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Foreign Exchange Rate
Currency Buy Sell
Australian 78.37 78.79
Bahrain Dinar 294.33 295.93
Canadian Dollar 83.08 83.53
Chinese Yuan 16.54 16.63
Danish Kroner 16.80 16.89
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