PNCMahuli Laghubitta Bitya Sanstha Ltd. (MLBSL) has promoted by Mahuli Community Development Center known as (MCDC) a Fingo and MCDC is formed by youth, farmers and local sensitive bodies of poor Community called Bakadhuwa -6 western tol. Since the beginning of MCDC, worked for the poor in defferent sector like informal education, Sanitation, saving credit as revolving fund. After experience of informal saving credit , MCDC started microfinance after licence of FIngo from Central bank of Nepal NRB. Since BS 2070 -2-30 Microfinance service is separated from NGO.

Microfinance is not only banking services it is one of mission for poverty reduction in a developing country like Nepal. The power of microfinance is now well recognized to improve the socio economic condition of the poor family. It is known as the best tools to reduce poverty. Because the microfinance seeks the poor in rural area and provides the service door to door what the poor people need. They do not need huge amount of capital they need small capital to do something by using their skill and capacity.

Therefore, microfinance is being popular for poor community and being changed.   Therefore financial institution started microfinance Services and brought some challenges in microfinance sector. Nowadays, It is being hiding a principles of microfinance due to National Policy for microfinance.  

I would like to extend sincere thanks to all the concerned for their effort and contribution in microfinance setor in Nepal. I want to thank them all who want to come and helps in microfinance.

Thanks for all

Prabhu Narayan Chaudhary.


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