Microfinance is a powerful weapon for poverty reduction. Microfinance is very close and intimate friend of core poor people in Nepal. It helps them financially; raise their purchasing capacity and controlling market power by their products and purchasing power in large volume. The poor people can think about their health, child education, safe house, sanitation and much more in their life after being promote financial access. The several microfinance companies in different faces with all most same motive had come into existence in Nepal since 1990s to serve the poor, illiterate, and unbanked people. At Present I am managing director of Mahuli Laghubitta Bittiya Sansatha Ltd (MLBSL) was promoted by Mahuli Community Development Center (MCDC) which was established with motive of log substantial outreach and sustainability.        

In Nepalese contest women are badly suffering for financial access and have no property right in parental property even in present modern culture. MLBSL provides the different types loans to their members and encourage them for savings for their support in any emergency and future purpose. Now it is made mediatory in the savings by members.  MLBSL has designed well tested training packages in two phases for their members and in 1st phase We provide training  to them about financial literacy, financial behavior, about their own saving, proper usage of loans  and much more other guidelines for members of rural area. Our institution is not only profit making robot but it is service oriented company and in 2nd phase we provide our member different types of  income generating training like as vegetable farm training, poultry farm training, sewing training , soap making, doll making and much more and various types of technical knowledge support to them to grow their business  better.

I’m very happy to announce MLBSL will sift the Microfinance service from 10 districts to 15 districts and it will make much proud to MLBSL team when we would be practiced microfinance service nationally. As my experiences in the field of microfinance assures all of you to be attainable & breathable in poverty less community within coming another 10 years. At last I would like to thank all of our center members, regulatory bodies, and board of directors, shareholders, management team, Branch staffs and others for their direct or indirect contributions in Microfinance service for poverty alleviation. Jay Laghubitta.

Thanks to all.


  Gangadhar Pandey

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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